NRP Tricone w Highlander

2013 NRP Tricone with Highlander Magnaphonic pickup. ($400 value).  This started life as a style 1 (shiny) tricone with a thick dark gloss custom finish.  We purchased this with a dent in the side. The dent was repaired and the body was given a heavy relic patina to it giving this an early 1930's look.  The heavy gloss was taken off the neck revealing the beautiful bare mahogany beneath.  8 coats of nitro laquer really bring it back to life giving it the look of the original vintage tricones.  The headstock was lightly distressed and a super cool early National metal badge from a Valco amp added.  Came out looking fantastic.  Gorgeous ebony fingerboard, modern features with a heavy vintage vibe.  Best of both worlds. (note, we did not receive the battery box with this so you'll need to grab one up to make use of the highlander.) Great price at under $3k.

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